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What's a Bulk Shop?

First thing’s first, The Bulk Shop by Margella is a place where shoppers can buy certain foods by the weight rather than in individual packages. And you can choose how much you buy of each item. 

Why Refill?

It's simple, buying in bulk reduces waste.  It also inhibits the harmful effects of packaging manufacture and the consumption of single-use plastics.   New biodegradable options are becoming available so that makes our choices potent as well.

How do I start?

So lets go shopping at The Bulk Shop....  Bring your own glass jars/bottles,  mason jars, silicon stockers/boxes/bags,  any sealable & sustainable (reusable) containers.  Paper bags and a limited quantity of jars are also available in-store.

Step 1:     When you arrive first weigh your empty containers  (or ask one of our friendly staff to help you!).                                        Write this weight on each container before filling it up.  Fill as much or as little as you like

        (NB: no need to weigh our in-store paper bags).

Step 2:     Write the product code/number for the food you fill up on.   You'll see this code on top of each bulk container.

            For example:   #A32 


Step 3:     At the register staff will weigh the filled container.  Staff will subtract the container weight from the final weight.            This will give you the weight of the food you purchased and will tell us the price.

Step 4:     Payments can be made by Cash or PayMe.   We will send you a reciept by text or by email - more waste reduction!

New to this? 

                Bring your own reusable cotton or tote bags. 

                Invest a little in reusable produce bags.  You'll quickly regain what you spent, the environment will gain even more.

                Save your glass jars (mayonaise, pickle etc),  or tea tins... and bring them along each time.   

                Upcycle old T-shirts into carry bags.   

                Wrap dried fruit or nuts in Beeswax wraps/ greaseproof paper/ Japanese furoshiki and close with rubber band.

          ..... to name but a few... share your tips with us!   We'd love to hear from you.

I have some empty jars/ recycle bags...can I leave them at The Bulk Shop?
      Yes please do!   Just make sure that all jars/ bottles have sealable lids and are properly cleaned with no labels and free        of adhesive residue so that they are ready for the next person to use.
      (See this link here...   ...for a helpful tip on how to remove labels from glass )
  We have a * borrow-a-bag corner too, so if you forget just grab a cotton tote bag and bring it back the next time you visit.             
   *dependent on availability
何為散買店 (Bulk Shop)?

首先,在Margella 的散買店,顧客可購買以重量計價而非按獨立包裝計的某些食品,亦可選擇按每樣貨品買多少錢來計。




從Bulk Shop購物開始......帶上你的玻璃罐/樽,有蓋玻璃瓶,矽膠容器/盒/袋,任何可封口及可持續(重複)使用的容器。本店亦有紙袋及少量完好玻璃樽提供。





第四步:可用現金或PayMe付款。我們會通過訊息或電郵發出收據 - 進一步減少廢物!








我有一些空樽/可重用袋......可以留在Bulk Shop嗎?





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