What does it mean to be a zero-waste shopper?

Zero-waste shoppers now have access to a rich variety of their favourite things and household essentials. 

Both dry and wet goods can be easily scooped or poured from bulk bins and dispensers which shoppers can package in their own reuseable containers and biodegradeable paper bags and take home. 

Being a zero-waste shopper is a choice that more and more people are making,  based on a sense of collective social responsibility which urges us to resist the long established addiction to packaging, plastics and non-biodegradeable goods as "the norm".   It calls us to be part of creating the new norm.  And making the shift has never been easier.


The bulk shop provides consumers with a shopping experience that feels so right,  as we visibly see the reduction in our own personal waste and can logically quantify the far reaching benefits for humanity as a whole .   And its exciting to be part of that shift.


我們為 零廢棄顧客提供各類心頭好及家居用品。 乾濕貨品均可由大桶或容器中輕易舀出或倒出,顧客可用自己的環保容器承載或用可分解紙袋包裝帶回家。 成為零廢棄顧客是自己做出的選擇,越來越多的人正加入這一行列,集體社會責任驅使我們抗拒長期形成的喜受包裝、塑膠及不能分解商品的“常態“,並促使人人出力創出新常態,不過帶來這樣的轉變絕非易事。 本店為消費地者提供的購物體驗無疑踏出正確的一步,我們樂見自己的廢棄物亦隨之減少,相信能夠衡量對整體社會的正面影響,我們非常高興能成為促進轉變的一環。

A Zero Waste Lifestyle

The Earth is the shared responsibility we all have in our hands. 


And you are empowered now more than ever to make a shift.

With the huge range of sustainable, eco-friendly, plastic-free products available,  as well as the growing culture of information sharing and community connection, this is a great time to join in and discover how you want to recreate your own zero waste lifestyle.


Let us support your zero waste choices for a plastic free tomorrow.

Shop with us now and make a difference.  



保護地球的責任掌握在我們每個人的手中。 而你擁有前所未有的能力去做出轉變。 處處都有可持續、環保及非塑膠製成的產品提供,資訊分享及社區聯繫的文化亦逐步形成,現在正是一個開始的良機,讓你發掘如何創出屬於自己的零廢棄生活方式。 就讓我們為你撐零廢棄抉擇,步向無膠未來。 即刻開始於本店購物,體驗不同之處。


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